Monday, August 19, 2013

Ned Hike August 2013 by Jerry Snyder, Ned's father

The sky is no limit; your dreams should be big. 

Connect with your Friends; but Family is core. 

Golf with your buddies; smoke a cigar while you do. 

Celebrate friendship; enjoy things that you have. 

Seek comfort in music; hear sounds that you like. 

Swimming a race sucks; but Water Polo is great. 

Aviation was his passion; made life exciting and challenging.

Cooking and eating is foremost; don't skimp on a meal. 

Tip a Sierra Nevada; toast to those that you know. 

Share joy, insight and wisdom; communicate with all. 

Don't forget to be supportive; never think small. 

Don't look at me but be introspective; find peace in your life. 

The sky is no limit; but time can be short. 

Superman he was; superman to all of us. 

Live life to its fullest; no moments to spare.